The OLS Kft. was founded on 7 December 2001 in Budapest. The company has gained reputation in Budapest and Hungary with its flexible customer service and high quality products in a very short term period. In the past the company’s ownership had gone through several changes, however, as of 5 January 2015 it is 100% owned by Adam Szalai Hungarian national football player.
As a result, several development programs were launched. We have initiated planning and building our new modern facility in Nagytarcsa as a greenfield investment, so that we can continue high-end production in January 2018 in our new headquarters.

We are supplying machinery companies (both domestic and western European customers) for their full satisfaction. We have a well-motivated, excellently educated staff and modern a machinery park. We are happy to serve our customers both in Hungarian or German language. We are able to produce simple or bent elements prepared by laser technology just as complex welded structural elements made of steel, aluminium or stainless steel as requested by our customers.


Our aim is to fulfil our customers’ requests 100%. Quality, flexibility, sensitivity to deadlines and unique solutions are our basic concepts.

In order to provide a high quality product, perfectly coordinated operations are necessary.