Business trip to China

BYSTRONIC Competence Days 2018 was first held this year at the world famous Swiss company’s Chinese factory to which event Omega Laser Steeltec was also invited. Csaba Szalai and Laszlo Pasztor represented our company between 24-31 August.
As part of the event the team had an opportunity to take a closer look at the BySmart Fiber laser cutting machine and the Xact Smart, Xcite and Xpert blades in the city of Tiencsin. They also had a chance to see the production flow and quality control and they were presented the BySoft 7 software which actually runs the machines.
Outside these programs our team was thrilled to see the spectacular city of Beijing. Huge country, fantastic culture and incredible technological progress!
Thanks to Bystronic for the invitation, our trip was highly useful, interesting and successful. Special thanks to the welcoming treatment during the event.